VPN (client site/roadwarrior to Virtual Datacenter)

 In addition to hosting virtual servers and desktop infrastructure, Vcenter can also support you in creating a private network (VPN) through which these infrastructures can communicate with each other and can be accessed from the outside safely. Whether it’s a hybrid scenario where a number of servers that remain in the company’s Data Centers need to communicate with the vCenter virtual server infrastructure or users need to connect to the Cloud (on servers or their own virtual desktops) over secure Internet connections, Vcenter will also offer a wide range of VPN solutions tailored to each solution and each client. As a standard, we use VPN technologies (VxLAN, GRE, IPSEC, etc.…) implemented by Fortigate and OpenVPN, but we can adopt any solution already used by customers to make migration and process integration as simple and fast as possible.